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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Pre-Departure Post

The countdown is on!  I cannot believe that we will be arriving in Uganda in less than 10 days!  My extreme excitement (and a little bit of nervousness) feels so unreal, and I really cannot wait until we arrive.  I am most looking forward to being immersed into a different culture and being able to experience what day to day life looks like from half-way across the world.  I am also really excited to meet the MUBS students, as well as get to know my fellow Drake students better! My biggest hope for this trip is that I will come back home with a new perspective and appreciation for life that I can share with my family and friends (although seeing an elephant is pretty high on the list as well :)   ).  As for the 25 hour plane ride, I think that I can vouch for most of us and say that sleep sounds like a good way to pass the time after finishing up these finals!  Well, I have lots of shopping and packing to do, but I can not wait until we arrive!

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