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Friday, March 30, 2012

Exciting News for 2012

As plans for the sixth annual Uganda seminar evolve it is a good time to reflect on the past year.  When we left Uganda last summer there were many plans in place to move our partnership forward.  While we failed to accomplish some of these plans others succeeded.  A few highlights of the past year:  In December Dr. Bishop returned to Kampala and participated in an Entrepreneurship Conference hosted by MUBS.  In January Drake was pleased to welcome 10 students from MUBS to campus for a study seminar in the US.  We were thrilled to show our Ugandan colleagues the Drake campus and Des Moines.  They enjoyed the snow and brisk cold air and we hope that we can host a similar experience every year.  It is exciting to see the partnership continue to develop into such a long-term multifaceted relationship!

The plans for the Uganda portion of the exchange continue to evolve with some exciting new events and learning opportunities during the summer of 2012.  This year students are working on multiple service learning projects with our partners in Uganda.  It is exciting to see the addition of these projects that embody the concept of sustainable development.  We are thrilled to also be partnering with the Shinning City Foundation to help finance some of our new initiatives.