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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pre-Departure Post

Hey guys,

My name is Karl Rauschenberger. I am a Computer Science and Information Systems double major. I am really excited to go on this trip to Uganda because I have always wanted to go to Africa to learn the culture and see the land. On this trip, I will be doing a research project at the local hospitals to figure out how sustainable implementing a database system would be for them (since they currently do not have any technology for their file system). I am looking forward to meeting all of the MUBS students and learning about how our views on life compare to theirs. I also super excited and can't wait to meet up with you guys soon!


  1. Hey Karl, it was great to be able to work with you on our pre-trip presentations, and it set the stage for a great trip! thanks for your unique insights and personality!

  2. Also, since we worked on agriculture in the beginning, and have learned so much more about it now through hands on experiences, I was wondering if you had any new insights? What more have you learned from actually being here that is different from the research we did?