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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Pre-departure post

Hi friends,
My name is Julie and I can not wait for this adventure to begin! I just finished my first year at Drake and I am a double major in Sustainability & Resilience and Rhetoric, Media, & Social Change. I am interested in all types of sustainability, including social, developmental, and environmental. While in country, Ben Rohr and I will be furthering the research of previous Drake students to evaluate water quality in the village of Kikandwa, a community that experiences water-borne illnesses. I am most looking forward to experiencing nature in Uganda through safari and Murchison Falls, as well as getting to know my fellow Drake students better.


  1. I can't wait! Let the adventure begin!

  2. Hey! It was so incredible to meet you and go on so many adventures with you this trip!

  3. Hi Julie! So great to have met you through this trip! How would you say your research has gone after your duration in Uganda? What did you learn through the course of your research in which you were not expecting? I'm very interested to find out!