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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Expectations in 2010

Students and Faculty from Drake will be returning to Kampala in May, 2010! The faculty are excited to return to Uganda and see our friends and colleagues in Uganda. It is their help and guidance that has makes this experience such a wonderful learning opportunity for the students from both universities. We have high expectations for this year's trip. Officials from MUBS are visiting the Drake campus this spring and we are hoping to work out details of future exchanges which may allow students and faculty from both universities the chance to spend extended time at each others campus. We stated the goal last year of finding ways to get MUBS students to Drake, this is a giant step in that direction. This year we have a large group with 28 students from Drake excited to arrive in Uganda in May. Just as the talks between the universities have progressed since our last post in June, much has happened in Uganda and in its efforts toward sustainable development since the last post. In preparing for the trip the students traveling this year have been keeping track of current events in Uganda. I would like each of the Drake students to comment to this entry with a description of something they have recently learned about Uganda and how it has impacted their expectations for the trip in May. What questions have developed from your readings and research? What events are you most looking forward to? What questions do you have that will help you develop your research papers?