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Friday, May 5, 2017

Pre-Departure Post!

Hey everyone! My name is Paige Mawhinney and I am a first year (almost done with it though!) studying Accounting and Information Systems from Highlands Ranch, Colorado.  I am so pumped for this trip and I still can't believe we will be in Africa in less than two weeks!  The things that I am probably looking forward to most are getting to know the MUBS students, getting to know the Drake students better, and being fully immersed in a different culture and lifestyle.  One thing that you guys might not know about me, but will figure it out soon, is I am a pretty quiet and reserved person when I first meet you but become very spunky and energetic after I get to know you better.  Also, I will be working on my BLaw homework on the plane ride, so if any of you have taken BLaw, please let me know!  Good luck on finals!!  -  Paige Mawhinney


  1. Hi Paige! Your vibrant personality has been so refreshing on this trip! I have had an incredible trip and it is so weird that it is almost over! How have you felt about all we have experienced on this trip? Do you feel like you have grown as a person? I have changed so much and my views on what sustainability is and its importance have changed so much, so I was hoping you could please tell me how you changed, if you did?

    1. Sarah-Rose!! I am so glad that you commented on this original post of mine. This trip has been such a wonderful experience filled with jam packed days and craziness. Though some days were long and informational, I wouldn't trade it for anything since I have learned so much and have grown as a person. I have changed and it's hard for me to say specifically what has changed within me, but I know going back to the states with be a culture shock and hard to adjust after these three weeks here. I would say that material items are less important to me, I'm more appreciative of what I have, I'm more cautious of how I think about things, etc. How do you think you have changed? What was your previous definition of sustainability and what is it now?