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Monday, May 15, 2017

Pre-Departure Post

Hello everyone! As always, procrastination has gotten the best of me, but better late than never, right? My name is Aryana Rasti, I am going to be a junior starting in the Fall semester and am a Neuroscience major with a concentration in Comparative Animal Behavior and minor in Business Studies. After I graduate from Drake, I hope to attend medical school. I am so excited to go to Uganda and see a part of the world so far away. During this trip, I hope to gain a different perspective about life, and have an experience I never dreamed of having. I am very excited to see how the health care in Uganda works and in what ways it differs from ours. I can't wait to interact with both the medical staff and locals to get a good grasp of what the medical field is like. Also, I am extremely excited for the Safari, and I heard at some point in time hippos are involved? (CAN'T WAIT) I hope to take everything I gain through this experience and apply it in my future endeavors. As for the plane ride, I hope falling asleep will be on my side, but if not, I've got a book to read for fun (it's been a while since that's happened), and movies to watch! Can't wait to experience this trip with you all!

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  1. Hi Aryana! I am so glad to have met you and gotten to know you over the course of this trip! Since we have just finished the safari, how do you feel? Did it meet your expectations? Because for me, it was such a great part of the trip and I will never forget it! The hippos were great! Also, since were wrapping up our trip, which is sad, how have you been able to apply your experiences to your future aspirations? Personally, this trip has taught me so much and I will take this knowledge with me for the rest of my life, so I am interested to hear how it has affected you?