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Monday, May 15, 2017

Pre-Departure Post

Hi everyone!

My name is Hannah Hansen and I have just completed my first year at Drake University! I am double-majoring in Marketing and Psychology and still trying to figure out possible career options. I am originally from Davenport, Iowa, which is in the Quad Cities (I don't know if anyone has heard of it before haha). I am excited to begin our journey to Uganda.  I want to make lifelong connections with the people I meet during this program, especially with those from Uganda. Immersing myself in Ugandan culture will provide me with another perspective that I can bring back to Drake and my further studies. I am also looking forward to helping create a strategic marketing strategy for the Kikandwa Health Center to promote outreach and awareness of their services. Can't wait to see everyone soon! :)


  1. Hannah! I couldn't imagine this trip without you! Since in the beginning you were hoping to have a new perspective to take back to Drake, do you feel like you have achieved that?
    I feel like I have made lifelong connections and have a completely new outlook on the world. How do you feel that your views and perspective has or hasn't changed?

  2. Hey Sarah-Rose! Me neither! I'm so glad we were able to become such great friends on this trip. I definitely feel like I have learned about another perspective that I can't wait to share with others. I think that I greater understand the importance of being-open minded. If an outsider may believe they have a simple solution to a large problem it most likely is not sustainable or viable. Learning about the new culture and getting to know people within it is essential to understanding. How do you feel your views and perspectives may have changed?