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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pre-Departure Post

Hello all! 

My name is Benjamin (Ben) Williamson, and I'm a health sciences major at Drake University. While we're in Uganda, I'm hoping to plan my project around making a map for the Kikandwa village that can be used during future visits for a variety of projects. After seeing some of the group presentations, I think that making a map of the area may be a little challenging if there aren't as many major roads around. 

Some of my hopes for the trip are that I will get to meet as many new people as possible, and experience as much of Uganda as humanly possible within a three-week time period. I'm nervous because I am always paranoid that I don't pack enough, but I'm sure everything will be outstanding anyways. The most exciting part of travelling to Uganda for me is that I will be further away from home on this trip than I have been on any other trip I have taken. I am also looking forward to experiencing the variety of airports along the way!

As for entertainment during the 25-hour trip, I think I will definitely sleep lots. That isn't too entertaining, but it is much needed after a long drive from Minnesota to the Des Moines airport. Aside from sleep, I am going to read all of the bios again in the seminar journals and look back over some of the pre-departure materials! When I get bored of that, I will start playing around with some of the mapping software options that I've been looking into for my village map. 

I look forward to Uganda!

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  1. Hey Ben! It was great to experience this trip with you! I was wondering how you feel at the tail end of the trip about your beginning hesitations? Have you experienced Uganda in the way you wanted? What have you learned? I feel like I have learned a lot and have experienced so much, so I am interested in what you think?