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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pre-departure post.

Hi. I’m Ayana Anderson. I am a news and law, politics, & society double major with a minor in economics. In the summer, I am doing an internship in communications and working at the YMCA so, I am really looking forward to this trip as one of the highlight of my summer. My project in Uganda relates to my LPS major and econ minor. I am looking to analyze the effects finding oil, processing in within country, and entering the oil market as a competition. There is a struggle in many African countries to utilize their natural resources to strengthen their economy. Some countries surrounding Uganda have tried to use oil and failed, so I want to look at Uganda’s strategy. Other than my project, I am excited to meet with people in Uganda. My family is from West Africa, and I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing East African cultures. From my family, I have heard a lot of praise about the food, dancing, and music of Uganda and I am hoping to experience those on the trip. I have not set many expectations for the trip except that the experience will be memorable. With my experience of traveling to other countries, I have learned to keep reasonable expectation to not ruin my trip. As somebody who has African roots going back to Africa, I am apprehensive about hoe people will view me and how I will take in the culture without being subjective. Other than that, I am hopeful that the trip will go well, except the flying. I am not a big fan of heights. The take off and the landing of the plane halfway scare me. I am usually fine in the plane, but I will be ridged during the landing especially. Flying has its perks though. I will be watching all the movies I haven’t seen yet to pass some time on the plane.

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