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Friday, April 29, 2011


Dear All,

It is always a lovely to welcome you all to Uganda. I know many of you are having thoughts about what you will see this summer in Uganda. Truth be told, Uganda has plenty to offer;the culture, the environment, the landscapes and the game.

I look forward to seeing you all when you come down south of the hemisphere.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Preparing for Uganda 2011

The faculty are looking forward to returning to Kampala in a few weeks and introducing a new group of students to our colleagues from MUBS.  Each year brings new and different experiences as we continually work to improve the learning experience and strengthen the collaboration between Drake and MUBS.  This year we made a large amount of progress on our goal of building a sustainable relationship of student and faculty exchanges.  During the year we hosted a delegation of faculty and staff from MUBS on the Drake campus, this was followed by a visit by Colin Sentongo, chairman of the MUBS council, and next week Principal Waswa Balunywa will be visiting the Drake campus to discuss the next steps in building our partnership.  Additionally later this week, Diana Ntamu will arrive in Des Moines to team teach a graduate seminar on entrepreneurship with Prof Bishop!  It is exciting that our collaboration has moved forward, now on to the topic of sustainable economic development.   This year's class is spending the next two weeks presenting their background research on Uganda and it seems like a perfect time to get them involved with the blog.  So the professors have an assignment for this year's class:  Please comment what you learn from listening to your classmates presentations - What "aha" moments did you have? What new information about Uganda did you learn?  How has the new information changed your expectations for the upcoming trip and for the prospects of sustainable economic development in Uganda (you should comment on a presentation other than your own, but can relate that presentation to your own research).