Friday, May 13, 2016

We're going to be on another continent next week...

Hi everyone!

My name is Hannah Lancaster and I’m super excited to be in Uganda in just a few days. This will be an entirely new experience for me, having never traveled outside the U.S. before.  One of the many reasons I decided to go on this trip was because it fits very well with my career goals (also it just sounded like a really amazing couple of weeks).  I’m planning to go into the healthcare field and ideally would like to work with an international non-profit in the future.  Needless to say, I’m very excited for what this experience has to offer. 

While there, I am planning to present information to mothers on ways to keep their newborns healthy.  My presentation will be focused around post-delivery health care practices in hopes of ultimately reducing infant mortality especially in rural Uganda. The practices I’m focusing on are umbilical cord care and skin-to-skin care (STS).  These are two major practices that many mothers do not have a lot of information on.  I may also touch briefly on the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding, as well as the possible risks of transmitting HIV/AIDS while breastfeeding.

I’m so excited to meet the MUBS students.  It will be so interesting getting to know people who have had such different experiences from my own.  Half-way across the world seems pretty far but I’m sure we actually have a lot in common with one another. 

Can’t wait to meet everyone, see you all next week!  

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