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Monday, May 25, 2009

Worth a Thousand Words

It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words

The students relax in the Amsterdam airport while waiting for the final 8+ hour flight to Entebee. After getting to the airport two hours before our first flight, flying to Detroit, laying over for over two hours, and flying over 8 hours to Amsterdam we are looking forward to arriving in Uganda only a little over 24 hours after first arriving at the airport in Des Moines.

The first day in Kampala we attended a Rugby match. Many students followed including Rachel and opted to try fried grasshopper instead of the traditional US game snacks of cracker jacks or popcorn.

While visiting Kasubi Tombs the female students from MUBS and Drake had to wear a wrap to show respect for the Bugandan Royalty (see post and comments below)

Our first "family photo" of the trip was taken outside the shrine to come of the Christian Martyrs (see post below). In addition to our family of students, faculty, and staff from MUBS and Drake we added three temporary class members who had joined the group during our tour.

More pictures will follow as the trip progresses -- check back every couple of days.

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  1. First off. I am absolutely stunned that you were able to upload photos onto this thing. These are really great. The palace at the tombs was really amazing just from a structural engineering stand point. It had these big rippling circle of grass or some kind of reed to make up the supports of the dome roof. The whole thing was quite impressive.