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Friday, May 29, 2009

Uganda's Killer Croc and the Famous GUSTAVE

Uganda's killer Croc...now kept at Uganda Crocodile Farm. This Croc killed more than a dozen People in Mayuge; it terrorised villagers for more than a decade.The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) says the crocodile is thought to be 60 years old and weighs about 1,000kg. It's habitat had been invaded by the Humans. Extreme left is Gustave..the most feared croc on the African Continent. Gustave is on the banks of river tangayika in Burundi and has killed many people in Burundi.


  1. In America we would have killed the croc by now. I understand that humans have been encroaching on the crocidile's natural habitat, but after so many killings it just seems the danger would be such that it would call for the animal's elimination especially considering that it put a whole village in a state of fear for 10 years.

    1. RIGHT ON! It's time some people stop putting animals above humans. God told Peter kill & eat. Not worship.

  2. Wow! I am looking forward to meeting the most feared croc in Africa. haha. I agree with Quint and feel that by this time, this croc would definitely be killed in the US. Most Americans would see this animal as an endangerment and as a necessity to get rid of.

  3. How do you know Gustave had been captured? Where can I find more information about his capture?