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Monday, May 25, 2009

Going thru the Experiences So Far!

Ok..I can now see you Guys are enjoying the tour. The Baganda Culture and hospitality is getting to you; I am proud to be a Muganda. When i read about comments from buganda am happy. You have seen the royal burial grounds, the speke resort, the Parliament( Senate Buildings) and Owino Market.
I guess you have never seen so many people walking to nowhere (Owino). There were no signs that this leads you there or here!! But we went around. Food and Clothes all over the place, talking down the Prices, seeing lots of Meat...yeah this really stunned a few of you especially the offals.
What about crossing the roads...that was a thrill to some of you. Do not forget the stop signs...what is the count now!
I just love kampala when you guys come around. I would really love to read about this sustainable development from you guys. Are you really feeling it or seeing it!

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