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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Team Blue Wins 3-2 Over Home Team

Today the academic portion of our day included two inspiring talks, one during a visit to the
Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and the other by an official from the Ministry of Health. Rachel and Shannon, who are Teammates with Crystal on the Drake Womens soccer team, will post blogs on the academic portion soon.
Given the importance of soccer in Uganda and the expertise in our group we thought it would be fun to organize a"friendly" with some of the MUBS students. The weather was perfect -- about 75 F with no wind, for a 5:30 start on campus at a field commonly used for pickup games. Crystal, Rachel and Shannon were joined by Brooke, Eric, Jennifer, Quint, Franklin, Scott, and some local
talent from MUBS to form "team blue" ( as shown in the pictures
we wore official looking "Drake Blue" unifroms furniehd by MUBS.


  1. Dude that game was hardcore. I think most of the MUB soccer player could have kept playing for a few more hours. Really glad we had Rachel, Crystal and Shannon on our side.

  2. I wish someone would have told me that we were playing an officiated game instead of what I thought was going to be a pick up game. I would have brought my game face, my boots, and an array of rude jokes pointed towards the officials. Quint is right though, I think the 3 Division One athletes helped us keep our American pride.

  3. That game was one of the most fun parts of the trip to me. I haven't played soccer in years, and now I'm hooked. We got back on Thursday, and since then I have already played to pickup games and gotten in contact with one of my old teammates. And I have been watching the confederation cup on ESPN2 all week. The US has been getting whooped, and the African champion (Egypt) looks like it might be a contender.