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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Media in Uganda

The media in Uganda seems to be very interesting. Much like the U.S. the main sources of media seem to be social media, TV, the radio, and the newspaper.  On the trip we were able to learn about media as a whole. Also we were able to learn about media through the viewpoints of somebody who works with radio, someone that is an investigation journalist, someone who is a feature journalist, and finally someone who worked in the TV industry. Each individual we talked to had a different opinion on media, and how it should work in Uganda. Something that I found very surprising was the role of government in media. For example the government owns the largest newspaper in Uganda, “New Vision”.  The government also has the power to shut down social media. This occurred twice this past year during the election.

Media is extremely crucial to the sustainable development of a country.  As described by one reporter media is crucial because it shows the people of the country its issues that it must improve upon.  I feel if the media continues to expose problems in Uganda it will only create more progression in the sustainable development goals. The UNDP also uses the media as a tool. The UNDP will use media as a form of communication to remind the people what the goals really are. Overall media in Uganda has the role of accurately reporting what is going on in the country and world.   


Do you feel that the government should have any role in the media? And if so how much?

What more can be done by media to further progress sustainable development in Uganda?


  1. Great post Evans! Personally I don't believe the government should be involved in the everyday activity of the media. If something important is happening, I think people should have the right to know, regardless of if it makes the government look bad or not. I think the one time that it is acceptable for the government to be suppressing of the media is in a case that a specific story might incite mass hysteria.

  2. I believe that independance of the media is important in stopping corruption. The government shouldn't be able to control the image that the media presents to the public. News should be unbiased so that the consumers can make their own informed decision. If the government controls its own image, people cannot see things how they actually are. In order for development to continue, the media needs to provide unbiased reports on important topics.

  3. The government shouldn't have any role in media for balanced information to be published for the public with that the evil deeds of the government will be unveiled to the public and thus judgement against the government will be appropriate.

  4. Independent media enables the public get clear information about what is actually happening in the country

  5. personally i feel like the government of Uganda is too controlling when it comes to media, thus the freedom of press is oppressed in this country.
    since media are the watchdogs in society that hold the government accountable, i think they should be more respected and given their space to provide information to the public.

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