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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Health Care in Uganda

It has been pretty clear to see from all of our experiences in this trip that health care  in Uganda is very different from the United States. The Kikwanda Health Center is a trying to expand from a level 3 to a level 4 center. Currently they focus on vaccinating children for the 6 main killer diseases, treating malaria and typhoid, and simple testing including ultrasounds on Saturdays. Once the funds are raised the clinic plans to expand to include a maternity ward to provide more mother and child services. Pharmacies here do not have nearly as many hard drugs and we do in the United States, the pharmacists can prescribe medications, and do not have a medical data base to keep track of all patients and prescriptions. Finally the hospitals are very crowded, have minimal machinery, patient privacy is not a priority, and insurance is not common so it is common to have to pay large sums out of pocket to receive treatment. Although the United States may be more "advanced" in medicine then Uganda, the US system is very slow and tedious.

Is there something that the US can learn from the Ugandan health care system and vice versa?

Do you have any suggestions how Uganda can fix the problems within its public health care system such as making it less corrupt and developing more modern practices?


  1. I think while there is a lot of work for health care in Uganda, Kikwanda is a large step in the field of heath care for that village and the surrounding ones. While there now is a free doctor to see to figure out what is going on. There are health care professionals that are available if traditional medicine fails. I think the lack nice health care facilities is due to corruption and lack of funds. I would like to know if the money that is allocated to a certain area always gets there? Where would the health care field be if there was no corruption? The hardest thing always is the funds. Where can they get them, and how can we make quality healthcare more affordable for everyone who is in need.

  2. Thanks smith, the Ugandan government should put more finances in Uganda's health care so that the most expensive medicines are easily accessed by people in rural areas at an affordable cost since the government has provided an upper hand in purchasing such ex0ensive medexpensive.

  3. I like the idea that Kikwanda provides a free checkup if I remember correctly, but charges for treatment and prescriptions. The United States has something like that, but there are always lines and complications with free clinics. I also think the major issue for Kikwanda is the infrastructure surrounding it. I learned that the clinic doesn't have the necessary means to treat each of it's patients. There was a boy with albanism who desperately needed glasses, but was not able to obtain the glasses since the clinic did not have them in stock. The family had to order them from a different country but was expecting the order to come in a couple months. With better infrastructure, the glasses would be at the clinic faster, as well as more drugs that are necessary for the health of the patients.

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