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Monday, June 13, 2016

David Batema Gender Issues

Our visit with Judge David Batema was very interesting.  This topic is incredibly important to sustainable development because it applies to all sectors and every individual regardless of status or occupation.
A few things this visit encouraged me to consider are:
1) Equality vs. Equity
I used the metaphor of people with different heights trying to see over a level fence to illustrate this.  If we elevate the short people with the same size blocks as the tall people, the heights will still be uneven, but if we elevate people according to their height (giving some more than others) we can level out and everyone can see over the fence.  This means addressing inequalities on a specific cultural basis.
2) Perspective and privilege
I think the most eye-opening part for me was realizing how much someone's perspective can change how they receive a message.  We all have different levels of privilege and when discussing issues like gender inequality it's very important to consider the cultural context of the speaker and audience members.
3) What's missing from the discussion
Coming from a fairly liberal and politically correct educational background, I immediately noticed a few aspects of equality that were ignored in Judge Batema's presentation. I think it's important to reflect on why LGBTQ rights were not discussed. Is Uganda's culture at a point where they can discuss these rights yet? Do women's rights have to be established and advocated for before Uganda can consider LGBTQ rights?


  1. I found this talk very interesting. The judge clearly laid out the issues affecting gender equality in this country like culture, tradition, religion and law.
    My eye opener was how these issues have blind folded even the big names in society to disregard gender equality.The good example he gave was a man regards his wife[stay at home mom]as not working yet the activities that this lady performs when given commercial names start to make sense to their husbands forexample. cooking-chef, washing clothes-dry cleaner, taking care of kids- nanny, sex-sex workers.If these services were to be outsourced, they would be pretty expensive. like he said "the struggle for gender equality is not a war of women against men, its a struggle for justice and human rights.

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