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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Food in Uganda

Over the past three weeks we have had the chance to experience authentic Ugandan food, as well as some not so Ugandan food I.e. Italian, Chinese and Indian. The main staple we all became very accustom too was Matooke, which is a mashed banana dish (like plantains) that is cooked in banana leaves and served with every meal. The Matooke tastes kind of like chewy mashed potatoes. Served on top of the Matooke was Ground Nut Sauce, otherwise known as G-Nut Sauce. It was a light purple sauce that tasted like peanut butter. Other typical foods you would find in a typical Ugandan meal would be Posho, a white mixture of maize flour and water, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, chicken or beef, broth sauces, rice, Chipati (fried flat bread) and fruit. The fruit in Uganda is some of the tastiest fruit you can have. They specialize in pineapple, watermelon, bananas, passion fruit and jackfruit, just to name a few. Jackfruit is a large green fruit that has a yellow inside with giant seeds, and not to forget a very sweet taste. You're probably wondering whether or not we needed a break from Ugandan food every day while in Kampala, and the answer would be yes. As mentioned earlier we had Italian at Italian Restaurant, Chinese at Arirang and Indian at Phaze 2. All three places let us see what the Ugandan take on these cuisines was like and it was all quite delicious. All in all, the food experience in Uganda has been a tasty one in the food category.


  1. Just when I thought that I could not eat one more bite of Matooke ever again, I started craving it yesterday. I think Matooke should never be eaten without G-Nut sauce. I agree with Morgan that it has, for the most part, been tasty. Personally, my favorite foods here have been pumpkin, pineapple, and pancakes. I did not mean to have an alliteration there, but really those were the best things here. At home I am not fond of pineapple, but here I look forward to it at nearly every meal. They say that once you come here you become a pineapple snob, and I definitely concur with that. Pancakes at Red Chili are usually what gets me out of bed for breakfast everyday. Without them who knows if I would have ever made it to any of the events! Kidding, of course. Overall, I really enjoyed the variety that was incorporated too. It was fun to eat at a variety of places and try new things. One thing to keep in mind when ordering is that when you ask for whatever and chips, you'll be getting french fries, which is the best surprise. It got me every time.

  2. I made the same mistake confusing fries and chips too! I would agree that the food here has been delicious. I also learned that I should just stay away from buffets as I get carried away. The only complaint I really have is about their meat here. I never appreciated how our well-fed our livestock is, which results in plentiful meat. Here, the animals are skinny and it can be hard to pull meat off the bone, and it is also sometimes pretty tough to eat. Other than that, I have no complaints. My favorite thing I have eaten here would be the fresh caught tilapia. I have never eaten anything with the face still on it before!

  3. As a self-proclaimed food addict, I absolutely loved being able to try all of the local dishes. A few days home and I find myself craving matooke-- never thought I would say that again. Although the abundance of starches got to be overwhelming at times, I really appreciated knowing that my food did not have to travel hundreds of miles and several processes to get onto my plate. I enjoyed the fresh, raw taste of out meals, unlike our overly flavored, chemical ridden food at home.
    I'd have to agree with Aaron, as my favorite was by far the fresh fish (next to the pineapple, of course)