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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sure Prospects (Role of Education)

We Spent the day today at Sure Prospects Institute. Sure Prospects is a primary school that serves to children in preschool all the way up to 6th grade. The school also caters to lots of children with disabilities. There is a 3-to-1 ratio of children who are not dialed to children who are. This morning, we demonstrated how to properly wash their hands and brush their teeth.  In the afternoon, we had a field day with all of the kids and played all sorts of games from Red Rover to Bad Mitten to playing with Bubbles.  It was inspiring to see how much happiness we brought to the kids just simply by our presence.  The school does a great job of providing a quality education to all sorts of children, which in necessary for the future of Uganda.  Education is the basis to a strong economy and a better life.  A quality education helps to produce future entrepreneurs, CEO's, and business owners and therefore more jobs.  It is so wonderful that we have been able to support this amazing school for the past few years that provides so much for the community and helps to build up Uganda's future.


  1. I also think it was important that the older students took the initiative to help out with the younger students and help in the disability classrooms. Many of the older students learned sign language so they could also communicate with those who are hearing impaired. I think what Francis has done for the community has not only helped the students recognize the abilities that disabled students do have, but also to recognize how they can integrate their lives with theirs to further the country.

  2. In a society where those with mental and physical disabilities are seen as an embarrassment, the coexistence of both able and disabled children was astounding. Many of the children, including those with disabilities have tested amongst the highest in Uganda. You're post does a great job of capturing the importance of the school and our relationship. I still am unsure whether the kids or the Drake/MUBS students enjoyed the day more.

    By far one of the most touching and enjoyable days we've had on the trip.

  3. Honestly, Sure Prospect is a perfect model of how a great primary school should be run. I think what made my experience so special is the fact of how generous they students were, not only to us, but to the students to each other, disabled or not. I was somewhat mislead by the brief summary in our journal book, it mentions there is sometimes be mistreatment towards the special students but I did not witnessed this at all. What I love about Sure Prospects is that none of the people, teacher, students, or faculty have to mindset that disabled students are some kind of abomination or intolerant. And playing with the kids was just so much fun, this was probably one of my most favorite days on the trip.

  4. I was really impressed with Sure Prospects! In the US, many of the students with disabilities are separated from the rest of the students and taken to special classes. I feel that this in many ways may make them feel like they don't neccessarly have a place with everyone else, when they are human beings too. I would like to see a school like this in the US, where both people with dissablities and those without could come together. It was amazing to see all of the students looking out for one another and playing together as equals despite their differences. I am sure that this school will continue to flourish in the future.