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Friday, May 28, 2010

take-away restaurant/ equator shops/ croc farm


Hi everyone,

Today we traveled back to Kampala from Mbarara. We passed by the Equator Shops and the Take-Away restaurant. The shops have a number of hand made crafts, such as, knives, bags, baskets, earrings, animals, and African shoes. The Americans learned how to bargain at the shops. The restaurant had chicken, fish, and local foods. We then went to the Croc Farm. It has over 4,600 crocodiles! Three are over 50 years, and the rest are young. The crocodiles feed on chicken and beef. The young crocodiles are fed twice a week and the old ones are fed once a week. This is because their digestive system is slower. The crocodile eggs are got from Murchison Falls National Park. They are put in an incubator for two months to hatch. When they reach three years, they are killed to get skins. They are sold to one Korean buyer. They are used to make shoes, bags, and belts. Then we traveled back to Kampala.


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