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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Friends it is good to see you all here, it is quite a sight especially the big number you but this just spices up the excitement. I am recalling the arrival at the airport yesterday and congratulations for having made it through Europe! I am informed that Wednesday night and part of thursday morning was PIZZA time, well it is time we took out for Luwombo and Mulokony, oh maybe Rolex!!
On a good note, welcome back from Owino; Yes it was a cultural awakening but that what i also got a few weeks ago in Des Moines. No People on the streets. However, I did not see any buys with anyone from our Walmart store!
I hope you all have wonderful days ahead.

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  1. I was soooo excited to meet the MUBS students! I was highly impressed with the memory of the students, they all remembered ATLEAST one fact from the bios that were sent over before hand. Its already been one day and I can already feel long lasting friendships amongst a few of the students.

    Owino market was, hmmm, interesting. A definite culture experience. Bishop, Root and Senteza really threw us into the country and let us fend for ourselves since we did not know what exactly to expect. Those jobs are a hustle and I commend all those in that Market for working those long exhausting hot hours!

    I understand that we will learn a lot of the events listed for our experience in Uganda, but I think I will learn even more from the interaction with the MUBS faculty and staff.

    Excited for tomorrow! See everyone soon!