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Sunday, May 30, 2010


it has been a tough time guys from the day we begun the Owino walk to today at the School with Children with special needs. This so far has been my most captivating moment on the tour so far. It is a story to tell and also reflect about, the Kids how they survive and integrate in Society.

Did i see tears and resignation about life by looking of some of you? Yes. Here is my story about SURE Prospects Institute. I flew back from the US to Uganda on the 22nd April and the next day on the 23rd, i ended up at that school to drop of someone who had business at this school. As i waited in the ar with my son Jonathan; he walked out and came back running. Daddy, there are Kids with no Limbs and some cannot see or hear.i was struck by this and I looked at out the car to have a look around. A sense of hopelessness struck me but I had to act fast to help this young boy understand the situation. I sat with him in the car and tried to explain to him that yes indeed some people had certain defects and they are still part of society. I sent him back to the same kids and watched him play and get along, which was a huge relief to me!

But then I still had thoughts going through my mind, what is it I can do for these kids? I still have not got an answer or solution, but I thought that with you guys (Drake) visiting as well we can put two heads (oh thirty heads) together to find something. I was really impressed by the Director’s welcoming speech and also seeing that the teachers also are with disabilities as well as seeing a church service for the deaf. I am now sitting back at home happy that your visit brought a smile to these kids. Thanks for your contributions and gentleness!


  1. I agree with you Fred on that being such an unbelievable ecpereince. I was one of those students with a tear in my eye and questioning everything. I thought that it was such a wonderful place for the kids to thrive in and feel comfortable. The most rewardeing experience for me was when I got to interact with the blind professor. When everyone was outside playing and seeing the other kids I was exploing the classrooms and I came across one of the professors reading brail. I knocked on the door carfeul not to startle him and asked if I could come in. When I walked in I introduced myself and told him what we were doing here. I then asked him to tell me about what he was reading. It turns out that he was making a syllabus for his class all out of brail. He said it was a very difficult task and very time consuming. I proceded to talk with him a little more and then went on my way. I came out to see all the kids including the Drake students all playing and conversing. I was so overjoyed to see the kids from SURE institue having such a good time, The overall expereince of seeing that school was a memory that I will never forget and something that will stay with me forever. I want to thank you Fred for allowing us to see that. Thanks!

  2. I was very thankful as well for the experience we had at SURE Institute. I am happy to see that work is being done for children with disabilities in Uganda, and would like to see even more being done in the future. One thing that I think could improve SURE institute, would be planning for future opprotunities with the students. Robinah, Alex, and I spent some time talking with a boy named Peter. He is fifteen years old and in wheelchair. Robinah asked him what he wants to be when he is older, and he said that he was told he could not be a doctor because he is in a wheelchair. Robinah assured him that could be anything he wants to be. He also said that he has not been talked to about what the future holds or careers that he could do. He would like to go to Maryland Secondary School, one of the most pretegious schools. I think a career planning would be really helpful for the students.

  3. I was happy about what Sure prospects is doing for the less privileged children and it was simply beautiful seeing so much joy and laughter in the children as we interacted with them.I was also amazed when we were shown a girl who didn't have hands but had the neatest and best leg writing.However,i still pose a question in my mind,after Sure Prospects,what next?especially for those who are unable to get capital to start up something small for themselves.