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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day At Queen Elizabeth

Today, we traveled to the Queen Elizabeth National Park.  On our way to the park, James showed us tealeaf plantations, which were a new type of agriculture for us to see here in Uganda.  Finally approaching the park, we were greeted by a group of baboons who were hanging out alongside the road.  Right after this encounter, we saw a family of elephants munching on some trees.  This was a fresh, new experience.  It was the first time most of us have seen these animals living in their wild, natural setting. 

We ate some lunch at the park- traditional Ugandan food, and then went to the lecture at the Queen Elizabeth National Park education center.  On our way to the center, we spotted lion footprints!  Also, a cute little chameleon was found crossing the road.  At this lecture, we learned about the history of the park, techniques they use, and challenges they face in conservation management. 

After this lecture, we went on a nice, relaxing but exciting two-hour boat ride on a double-decker boat in the Kazinea channel.  We saw lots of hippos, crocs, and birds.  The African Fish Eagle was spotted as well.  To end the day on the perfect note, we took a safari in our bus around the park.  We spotted a lion, which was what we all were looking forward to seeing, and watched her for a while until we noticed her move to her cubs located near her in the savannah.  The tour guide was very helpful and informative.  We headed back to LakeView hotel, more than satisfied with our visit to the national park.

I was wondering what your favorite part of the day was?  What was your favorite animal or event that took place?

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