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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Red Chilli

Today is our final day in Kampala as we head out to Jinja later this morning. We've been staying at Red Chilli for the last two and a half weeks and our time here as certainly been enjoyable as I'm sure the other students can confirm. Lizards crawling on the wall and large spiders were a surprise at first, but the always smiling staff and pizza down by the pool certainly made us feel welcome. While I do not think I will miss the mosquito nets, the countless sunrises over the hill caught my breath every time. Red Chilli has become sort of like a second home to us and I know at least for me, it will feel strange waking up somewhere else this time next week. It has been our space to journal, share stories, take funny pictures of each other, and overall relax after a full day of events. This day marks the final leg of our journey and I think most of us are leaving Kampala with a hope of returning one day.

Feel free to share some of your favorite memories below!

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