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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Kikandwa Health Clinic

Our service day took place at Kikandwa Health Clinic. We arrived and listened to the chairperson and the coordinators speak and report what the clinic has been doing and what still needs to be accomplished, like electricity and running water, along with many other things. Then Drake students partnered with MUBS students and gathered information from the patients through a questionnaire that had been previously prepared. This provided a great opportunity for feedback, for example how many people think that having 24 hour care and a maternity ward would be extremely beneficial to the nearby villages. I was so grateful for the opportunity to go into the lab and see people tested for HIV, Malaria, Typhoid, and many more infections/ diseases. It was very touching listening to Dr. Bishop and Dr. Root talk about how far this project has come and they are glad all of the hard work is paying off- many people are benefitting from this clinic and it is positively changing many lives.

From talking to the members of the villages, what do you think would be the next important addition to the health clinic? Why?


  1. The day today at the health center was really a wonderful day. I was amazed and the high demand for the limited number of services we have to offer so far, but I was so pleased that people were coming and getting help. When talking to many of the people waiting, I was very glad to hear that all of those who had come to this health center before, had no complaints. And all but one who had come before and received the treatment they came for, and gotten better. To answer your question Taylor, most of the people expressed the need for a way to admit patients of all kinds. So if a man cannot walk then he comes to the clinic and the friends have to carry him to and from, when he should be admitted. Also I would agree many people felt 24 hours was of high importance, and in second place was the maternity ward, also very similar to your results.
    It is so exciting to know that this project isn't over yet, and it's just amazing the way this health clinic is able to provide so much to this village.

  2. It was incredible to hear that men and women of various ages thought that care for mothers and children was the most important to them. I'm excited to see what is in store for the health clinic over the next few years as they continue to work on the last two phases of the plan. Like you pointed out, Taylor, there are still multiple limitations, but it really hit home how important it is to have some form of health care in the rural village when hospitals are located too far away to seek immediate care.