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Saturday, May 31, 2014

MUBS Graduation

The MUBS graduation ceremony today clearly showed how impressive and what a big deal it is to earn a college degree in Uganda, just as it is in America. In America, we go to school to get better jobs. However, while talking to the MUBS students about what life after graduation brought, many said that they would have to move away to find jobs, as it is very difficult to find jobs of their education level in Uganda. My project for this trip is focusing on higher education in Uganda and the positive effects on the economy. The lack of jobs for college educated citizens however does lessen the importance of going to college and getting a higher education to strengthen and better their economy. 


  1. Christa Olson did a nice job representing Drake with her comments. The event highlights the political nature of the education system given the comments by many of the speakers. Today Patrick Bitature emphasized the importance of education, but as Mollie pointed out the job prospects are poor even with an education. Do you believe students are gaining an advantage with their education? Would you continue your education knowing the job prospects are still poor (but improved)?

  2. I really enjoyed attending the MUBS graduation ceremony. Like you said in your post, I think the ceremony showed the importance of receiving a degree in Uganda. One difference I noted, however, was the cultural impact of the entire occasion. The dance troop was very impressive and something unique from that of an American college graduation ceremony. Furthermore, I think that the ceremony took an interesting turn when most of the crowd was talking amongst themselves, particularly the graduates. This in turn prompted the Chancellor to chastise the crowd for not listening to the guest speakers. Do you think that the President at an American college would ever discipline the crowd like we saw at the graduation? Also, you raise an interesting point about there not being enough jobs for graduates. Do you think there is the same problem in America?Is there an easy solution?

  3. I was very surprised by the MUBS graduation ceremony. Like Hayley said, the cultural dances added a personal touch to the ceremonies. I was shocked by how poetical the ceremony was though. I was very disappointed that the students were not individually acknowledged for their hard work yet the speakers were praised for their accomplishments. I do think that the lack of jobs is a growing problem in both Uganda and the United States and must be addressed to further encourage the participation in higher education.